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Hello, I am Phoebe. 

I'm passionate about user research and aim to provide meaningful solutions through design communication

UX & I

I traveled to many countries of the world learning and adapting to new cultures. My dealings with angry customers, struggles with self-defeating designs lead from chasing fashion design to loving UX design.

From 2012-2018, I was part of an EdTech startup that was primarily sales-driven. The company struggled to raise customer satisfaction after failing to deliver on its promise of a fully customizable one on one learning environment. My job consisted of correcting mistakes of the machine learning algorithms set to match users with their preferred lesson topic and instructor. Doing my job well only ensured mitigating the symptoms while pushing the real causes further into the dark.


By chance, I was asked to participate in a study for a popular retail website. My task was to purchase a product, return it, and describe my overall experience at each step of the process. At the time, I did not know I was part of a field UX research study. After learning more about the project, I realized that the EdTech company I was working for was severely lacking when it came to UX research and that I was a cog in a self-defeating design. This is when I first realized that UX is everywhere and to love what I do I must first love UX.

After moving to New York, I finally understood what it meant to be a part of the “city that never sleeps”. Life ebbs and flows at lightning speeds here and everything is competing for a place in your psyche. Even when riding the New York City Metro, every sign in the subway car is meant to draw you in, tell you a story, and make you fall in love. I believe everything has a story to tell, and I enjoy helping to tell that story.

UX designer

Phoebe Huang


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